Anybody can Paint With Oil


2-Photo Reference Page

4-Things you must Know First

5-Things you must know First-(suite)

6-Do you need to learn How to Draw ?

7-The Hardware

8-Preparation Procedure Before Painting

9-Mixing Colours

10-Mixing Palette, Sample

11-Direction of The Light Source

12-How to Configure Your Shadows





13-Drawing in Perspective

14-How to Draw Reflections


16-Base Coat and Texture

17-Base Coat and Texture-(suite)

18-Tips on Mixing Colours

18-B-Mixing the Primary Colours

19-Latitude, Texture and Clouds

20-All About Colours

21-Colours and Light

22-Paint Tubes and How to Clean your Brushes

23-Other Stuff you will need

24-How to Take Photos of your Paintings

25-Record Keeping and Conclusion


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