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GB-1 - LOVE PAIN and HAPPINESS in B major


GB-2 - Fugue in B flat major for Harpsichord


GB-3 - Minuet Aristocratique in B flat major


GB-4 - Melody For a Lost Love (Duo for Harpischord and Violoncello)


GB-5 - LULLABY in B flat major (with Lyrics)


GB-6 - SONATA THE DAWN in B flat major


GB-7 - Catchy Tune in C major


GB-8 - CELEBRATION THEME for he Return of Jesus Christ


GB-9 - VARIATIONS in B flat major (Study)


GB-10 - THE DRUMMER BOY (Marching Band Music)




GB-12 - AIR SUITE Number-1 (Melody)




GB-14 - Fugue in F major for Harpsichord.


GB-15 - Buss Ride to Mayfair Mall in C major for Harpsichord


GB-16 - SMALL WALTZ in C major for Harpsichord


GB-17 - SMALL WALTZ in C major for Quartet

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All music are here for your enjoyment only, they are all Copyright by Ghislain Bonneau 1970-2014 © All Rights Reserved.

GB-1 - LOVE, PAIN, and HAPPINESS in -B-major U-Tube Link Duration 1:59 Download Music Sheet

Instrument: PIANO

This was my very first composition done in 1970 and I did it only to find out if I could compose music. So I said to myself that if I can reproduce 3 different mood or feelings in the same composition that I will probably be able to compose music, so this piece is called Love Pain and Happiness and I tried to reproduce those feelings in the three parts of this piece. The first part represent LOVE and the second part represent Pain and the third and final part represent Happiness. I think I did OK so I decided back then that I will try to compose more music and see where this will take me.

GB-2 - Fugue in B-flat -major U-Tube Link Duration 1:22 Download Music Sheet


This was only my second composition also done in 1970 but it was a fun composition to make and I like the sound of the Harpsichord, it is so rich and expressive, the notes are vivid and full of life. The piano is too soft for this kind of composition. For my second composition I think that I did not do too bad either, so I decided to go for another one. As of today I have 12 already done and I will upload them later.

GB-3-Minuet Aristocratique in B-flat major U-Tube Link Duration 2:43 Download Music Sheet


Composed in 1970, this one is a Light and Playful Parody and it is not intended to shock or mock anybody even the higher class people that would dance on this kink of music, but is only written to be played in a playful and mocking way for this kind of music. The mocking effect the way the music is played that was the reason for it and no offense was intended to anybody.

I am only exploring all kinds of music and different way to play it. ENJOY.

GB-4 - Melody For a Lost Love (Duo for Harpischord and Violoncello) U-Tube Link Duration 3:41 Download Music Sheet


I composed the original part for this Melody back in 1970 and I have added a Violoncello part to it on the 25 of December 2013 to accentuate the feeling of a Loss and this way it is more complete, this is my first Duo. I have dedicated this piece to a great Lady that I miss very much, Mme. J.P. Riverin. While listening to this Melody think of someone that you Lost and that you miss very much. ENJOY.

GB-5 - LULLABY in B-flat major (with Lyrics) U-Tube Link Duration 3:12 Download Music Sheet


This piece was also composed in 1970 and in January 2014, I added other instruments to complete this beautiful LULLABY. ENJOY and please DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WHILE DRIVING.

GB-6 - SONATA THE DAWN in B-flat major U-Tube Link Duration 3:05 Download Music Sheet

Instruments: Flute, Organ, Violoncello, plus the recording of a small stream. The Birds are real, they where recorded at the same time that I recorded the small water stream in 1994. It was very early in the morning and no one else around, but Me, and the Birds.

This is one more composition that I did in 1970 and I added other instruments in January 2014. This is also a type of music that I like, it is very relaxing. I tried to use all the different instrument to play one after the other, so that the notes of each instruments do not play all at the same time to create the sense of question and response and it is like an echo of music in the wilderness. ENJOY.

GB-7 - Catchy Tune in C major U-Tube Link Duration 1:34 Download Music Sheet

Instrument: PIANO

This little Tune is fun to hear and to play on the piano. It is at a beginner Level. A change of heart surely because my compositions take a new twist, I don't know where this will take me, we will see, because I am just on the boat along for the ride. ENJOY.

GB-8 - CELEBRATION THEME for the Return of Jesus Christ U-Tube Link Duration 3:52 Download Music Sheet


This one was also composed in 1970 but I did not have a title for it yet. I added more instruments in February 2014 and realized that it was a Celebration Theme, and what better theme that it would be for the Return of Jesus, it was only while adding instruments that I thought about it. Back in 1970 I had no idea what it was. I composed this theme in a crescendo fashion as to have more notes added as the song plays along, till the end where everything just go wild and then dies out suddenly with just Tubular Bells fading out to the finish. ENJOY.

GB-9 - VARIATIONS in B-flat major (Study) U-Tube Link Duration 3:31 Download Music Sheet

Instrument: HARPSICHORD.

This one is more recent, I composed it in February 2014 and I wanted to explore what I can do with the same melody by doing as many variations as I could without doing too much to the point of boredom so I made all variations different while keeping the same original melody in all the Variations. ENJOY. I like this one very much.

GB-10-THE DRUMMER BOY-V-4 (Marching Band Music) U-Tube Link Duration 4:49 Download Music Sheet


This composition was done at the end of February 2014 and is dedicated to my son Charles. I like very much Marching Band Music but I found out the hard way that it is not very easy to do. You try to do harmonics with all the instruments, but if you give more volume to the lower harmonics the whole thing will sound off, so with the program that I used, I had to give more volume to the leading melody played here by the Trumpet and the Organ, and I reduced the volume on the other instruments, but in a real Marching Band the number of instruments play a very important role to give priority to the melody, because their number is what will determine the volume, the more instruments and the more the volume will be, and if there is too much instruments in the lower harmonics the whole thing will sound off. The marching band must therefore be very careful in their arrangements to give priority to the Melody by using more instruments to play the melody and reduce the number of instruments that plays the lower notes of the harmonics.

GB-11 - BLUES BAND INTRO U-Tube Link Duration 2:02 Download Music Sheet


This was composed in February 2014 because I wanted to know if I can compose Blues, and I guess I do, after all I played Electric Bass in a Rock Band for four years, so there might be more of that coming, but I prefer by far to compose Classical specially Fugues and Minuet on Harpsichord.

GB-12 - AIR SUITE Number 1 - Melody U-Tube Link Duration 3:14 Download Music Sheets


This is a Study to make different Variations played by different instruments at the same time. This Study also concentrate on Harmonics between all instruments while doing their own variations, and no mater the variations they all make, they must always play in Harmony. That was the challenge and I think that I pulled it of. So far, this is one of my favorite compositions. ENJOY.

GB-13 PAUL'S THEME U-Tube Link Duration 3:39 Download Music Sheet

This is a THEME that I wrote for a friend, I asked him to give me any 6 notes to compose it, and this is what I came up with. It represents his struggle with Life, also his Love for his Parents and his Brother and also his Personality. ENJOY and SHARE.

GB-14 FUGUE IN F MAJOR U-Tube Link Duration 2:34 Download Music Sheet

This is a second Fugue that I composed and I have added a bit of a Spanish Dance twist to it. It is fun to hear and to play. It is also a bit like a ballet dance or a Minuet.


GB-15 - Buss Ride to Mayfair Mall - In C major U-Tube Link Duration 1:26 Download Music Sheet

This is a new composition, and I am a little rusted and this one was just to get me started again composing more beautiful and joyful music. I hear music in my head all day long and if I don't write it down the same day, it is gone forever. This one I heard while riding the buss going to the Mayfair Mall.


GB-16 - SMALL WALTZ in C major U-Tube Link Duration 2:00 Download Music Sheet

This is a new composition, and it is my first Waltz, I like Waltz and I just might write more later.


GB-17 - SMALL WALTZ in C major for Quartet U-Tube Link Duration 2:16 Download Music Sheet

This is the same composition as above but adapted for a Quartet. One Harpsichord, Violon-1, Violon-2, and a Cello. I added an Intro with the Violon and changed the ending a bit.